Indian Springs Exploration Project


"The ASA is excited to be able to continue the exploration and survey of Indian Springs in search of connections to other systems"



This project focuses on the continued exploration of the Indian Springs cave system. From its early years some 22-years ago to more recent times, Indian Springs has still yet to be completely explored. Recent dives in February 2013 by the ASA Cave Diving Team opened new leads beyond the Wakulla Room located at 4,200' of penetration from the spring basin. ASA Cave Diving Team members, Steve Cushman and Allen Beard, pushed into the system some 6,400' from the cave entrance at a depth of over 260'.

Exploration team members from the ASA Cave Diving Team are nearing the final stages which will push them beyond the current end of the line while also exploring new cave in the many leads discovered on recent scout dives.

The ASA is excited to be able to continue what has been a rather lengthy exploration by multiple groups. With new technology, the ASA will finally complete the survey and produce a complete map of Indian Springs, including connections to other systems which have yet to be discovered by previuos exploration dive teams.