Ferrell Project


"The ASA Cave Diving Team is excited to renew the exploration of the Ferrell property and to produce overlay maps, video footage and a comprehensive development plan for the property"



Meeting House:

The exploration of Meeting House Cave System on the Ferrell Property in Wakulla, County Florida continues. ASA cave diving team member Nathan Spray extended the lined passage in the downstream section approximately 200' on Monday, May 27th, 2013. In water and surface support was conducted by ASA members Brandon Cook and Dena Spray. The downstream section begins through a small restriction into a syphon at 200' in depth trending downward leveling out at 285'. Visibility in the main enterance passage was approximately 60' while the downstream area was 100'+. The passage continues and future exploration dives are already planned.

Ferrell Cave:

ASA Cave Diving Team members, Brandon Cook and Steve Cushman placed permanent gold line in Ferrell on Sunday, May 12, 2013 with support conducted by Mandy Hammond. Along with the placement of gold line, additional survey data was collected by team member Nathan Spray.